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How health is most important in our life?

Because health is life, totally necessary for the fulfillment of life when the potential is given at birth.

WE all want, desire, a healthy life. Can you imagine anyone who prefers to be sick? However, you would think that some people do because they make so many bad choices about how they live, thus jeopardizing their health.

Let’s take a very simple example: smoking. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard that smoking will damage your health? But millions of people do because of emotional needs that end up creating an addiction.

ADDICTION: This word stands for a whole complicated behavior pattern that has is still the scourge of our society. Addiction means compulsive, driven behavior that substitutes the feelings of a substance or an activity that jeopardizes well being and health.

The addiction can be to a substance: opiates or alcohol for instance.

The addiction can be to a behavior pattern: high risk sex for instance, or gambling

The addiction can even be to a person: abusive relationships for instance, where one partner is repeatedly physically or sexually abused by another.

Addiction/addictive behavior patterns cause massive loss of health and wealth. 225 billion a year estimated loss from alcohol addiction for instance.

Addiction is a compulsive behavior pattern. Any compulsive behavior pattern even if it does not rise to addiction can be damaging. Driving too fast, weaving in and out of traffic for instance is compulsive, if not addictive, and this habit is really dangerous to the health of the perpetrator, the victims, and the society through large financial costs from traffic accidents.

Our Country’s medical system can operate superbly when it is addressing the disease and health disorders that sponsor successful economic gain for the health system and community.

When the health care system senses that these huge medical problems where there is no financial gain or maybe financial losses for the system then those medical problems and serious health issues are dumped, forgotten: no care, no research, nothing but despair.

All health care decisions and the allocation of resources and governed by those decisions are based on business profit. Thanks to Ronald Reagan and his succeeding Presidents, (except for Obama who tried -and mostly failed) the Medical system was abandoned by the Government to Private Business.

Granted that privatizing the Medical system initially markedly improved what had been a cumbersome, awkward and wasteful system, but it went too far. Most checks and balances were stripped away. The Research system became dedicated to profit, endangering its core values. The Physician community was shunted aside from the operational management of its activities and facilities, being replaced by the “efficient business person” who do not share the humanistic values of its medical providers (MDs RNs, NPs, PAs).

Why then is health an important aspect of life? Would you prefer sickness for your life?



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